[Originally written and published on July 11, 2009.] 
So, I was walking by this morning, and a single feather floated right before my face>> leading to this lil short story, or as I call it, a “rhyming tale”. For me, it just means using what talents, skills, resources etc we have at any given time…and being willing to take a chance. Enjoy! 


Once upon a time, there lived a single feather
A simple single feather, on the back of an ordinary hen
But while this single feather looked no different from the next
It was this single feather that showed what it meant to be blessed

When landlady hen went a-peckin’, single feather soon learned
That there was something called motion, and the wind could be his friend
He went round a-asking, about how he could connect
But all the other feathers told him not to be inept
“All you are good for, is to stay on with landlady hen”
Yet simple single feather, still couldn’t comprehend

Day-in, day-out he wondered, as he stared up at the sky
If all he could really do, was sit and glare and sigh
Then finally he decided, he would find out for himself
Why should he have to listen, to those who’d never delved

And so great was his desire, so poignant was his passion
That soon enough his calumus started to look a bit ashen
“When you really want something to happen,
the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true”
Paulo Coelho wrote this, but simple single feather hadn’t a clue

As is frequently said, “The darkest hour is just before the dawn”
Single feather’s wish was realized, just as he grew forlorn

His calamus broke free, and soon enough he could see
Beyond Landlady hen’s pen, to the great world speeding by
He floated around content, and was glad he didn’t relent
Cos nothing could explain, the joy that did transcend

Finally, he floated down to earth, flustered and fluttered he was
But also full of mirth, for he had finally achieved his cause
See, although he was simple, and although he was alone
He knew how to use what fell within his zone

Photo Source: feather.jpg

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