It’s amazing the kinds of things you find on the net. Especially when you’re not looking. Devex recently published an interview I did with the president & CEO of the Global Fund for Women, Kavita Ramdas – a phenomenal woman (and Mount Holyoke alum) by the way – and as I was doing some quick fact checking on their site, I stumbled upon this: the Global Women’s Water Initiative.

Global Women’s Water Initiative
GWWI is a program that is sponsored by three international organizations dedicated to the issue of water access and other development concerns – A Single Drop, Crabgrass and Women’s Earth Alliance . As most of you probably know, water access is one of my key development concerns, so I was so excited to find that, not only does GWWI provide information and advocacy tools to African women on the issue of water access, they actually train them to test water and construct things like pipelines, bore holes etc. Amazing!

Anyway, I just had to share this with you guys! It’s a video showcasing their latest training session in no other place than Ghana!

2010 West African Women & Water Training Program from Unseen Pictures on Vimeo.


Running for Water!
On a personal note, I will be participating in the Live Earth Run for Water race this weekend with some of my co-workers to raise funds for and draw attention to the issue of water access. The race covers a 6 kilometer or 3 mile course, the average distance women and children walk when in search of water. I have done a bit of competitive running in my day, in high school mainly, and unlike other sports like soccer and handball, running/racing is not exactly my strongest athletic trait, lol. All the same, I’m doing this more for the cause (water access, duh!) and also just to try something new and have fun while at it (perfect excuse for if I turn out last lol). Hopefully, my work out days in the gym (more like recent lack of) will pay off :)  And if I make it out alive, I’ll try to post some photos. Wish me luck! YOU can also sign up to run, host an event, or just donate to the cause of providing clean water.

BTW, Earth Day 2010 is exactly a week away! >> April 22nd. It’s also the day Avatar comes out on DVD, hehe. What are your plans for celebrating this beautiful home we call earth? Do tell. In the meantime, enjoy the Avatar trailer here. You absolutely should try to see it if you haven’t already. Great movie, creative, and so many important messages – nature, colonization, climate change, women’s empowerment. Simply, I loved it! Lol. Ciao my friends!

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