Have you ever woken up from a dream, a dream about someone special, and wondered whether they had dreamed the same dream?
Have you ever woken up from a dream, and patiently, but excitedly, waited to see them, only to see if they had dreamed the same dream?
Have you ever gazed into their eyes, hoping, waiting, for the same glint in their eyes, the look that needed no words to say, I dreamed a dream….
Have you ever casually said hello, waiting, ever so patiently, with bated breath, for them to speak the words before you do, that last night, I dreamed a dream…
Have you ever had the pleasure, of confirming what you knew certainly the moment you awoke, the pleasure of telling your beloved, I too, dreamed the same dream….
Have you ever set your eyes on them, and knew, the moment you looked into theirs, that surely they had not, but you still hoped, that they had dreamed the same dream?
Have you ever spent time with your beloved, danced with them, laughed and cried with them, hoping that they would one day realize, though they never did, that you had dreamed a dream?
Have you ever thought that you were awake, and then realized that you were still sleeping, dreaming of what could be, but what is not, what may forever be, but what will never be?
One who dreams is never sure if they are awake, One who is awake is always sure they are not dreaming. If you are not sure if you are awake, then you must be dreaming.
Awake, arise from your slumber, and dare to dream, but only if your beloved dares to dream with you.
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two thumbs up. i hope i'm not dreaming :)

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