Another double (multiple?) entendre piece. Enjoy!
I’m in that mode again. You know, the one that only I can savor and others find irritating.
I’m not trying to be anti-so[cial]. Far from it. I’m totally engrossed. In. YOU.
Try as I might, I keep coming back to this place. If only to hear you utter one more line.
And even when you fail to switch it up, and it’s the same thing on replay 
I’m too hooked to notice. Or rather, I’m too hooked not to notice…YOU! 
People say “her ears dey sweet her”. I don’t care. Let them blabber. All I’m listening to is you.
Some figure it should be a quick act – a hit it and quit it.
But me? No way. I want to savor every delicious bit.
You hear that? Every. Delicious. Bit.
Now, I’m not saying that I overanalyze..
But the things you say, I simply can’t resist. I have to comply.
When you say sway slightly, my hips react on their own
And you talk about beautiful smiles, my lips curve in reply
My ears twitch to hear more. And my heart’s a-racing in anticipation.
They say I pay them no heed. But in truth, I’ve lost my mind and I gotta find it.
There, I said it. You drive me crazy.
And the best moments. Goodness gracious. They’re the ones of just you and I.
Sure, we could be surrounded by dozens. Or be seated in a clattering train.
But all I’m focused on is YOU. Hanging on to your every word. Your every move.
I can have my eyes closed. And still anticipate that change in tempo.
Because our very beings are in tune. You are to me as I am to you.
With the nightfall comes even better times. 
Somber moments of reflection gazing upon thine eyes. 
You keep me spellbound. It’s inconsequential to say.
Now we both know: others might chance upon you.
But when all is said and done, honey, you know your way home.
And then its butterflies and thumping hearts all over again.
Just like the very first day. When you were you, and I was I.
And we became us.
And like old folk, we begin to think, look and sound alike.
Where do you think I got these “ronning” skills from?
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  1. ooo … 'Now we both know: others might chance upon you. But when all is said and done, honey, you know your way home.'
    lovely :-)

  2. ohhhh u were right i love it. lol @ 'ronning skills' haha :) another excellent piece dear!

  3. @Shels: I love that line too lol

    @Neefemi: Thanks! Amen to yr prayer lol

    @Stephanie: Haha, I knew ronning wud get ur attention :) Soul sister of my heart!

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