A tune of devastation plays over the land
Time is trying to heal yet still no one understands
A lifetime of work all buried under endless rubble
And all over the land people gather in a huddle
In search of an explanation that for now remains a mystery
Mourning the many thousands, their eyes unleashing their misery
Through disobedient tears
And the debris of disaster does little to diminish their fears
Dark clouds continue to hover ominously above
Seemingly relegating all hope to some dark inaccessible enclave

Forlorn faces now adorn the streets with much murkiness
Shattered dreams scattered around with great sullenness
The battle for survival rages on unabated
While the shrill cries for help are constantly reverberated
Across the globe with one simple plea, “Help Us”
Gloomy images are beamed live on our TV screens
Of mothers earnestly in search of their children
And men so palpably grief-stricken
That they can’t help but break down and cry
As their whole life’s work evaporates before their very eyes

I know I can’t comprehend your pain 
But I can offer you a prayer to make things change
Because no matter how difficult your burdens may appear
I know in due time God wipes away every tear
Just continue to hang on to hope
And he’ll surely help you cope
Haiti this is a poem I wrote from my heart
Urging you to stand tall despite your hurt
And to believe you will overcome this strain
Yes Haiti, from your ashes you will rise again
God bless and strengthen you, Amen

This poem was written by Masahoud Codjoe

Photo Source: Haiti photo


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