Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well. Can you believe February is just about over?! So far, 2010 is going great for me, hope it’s the same with you guys. Anyways, this is a mini update.

Circum-Vlog “How To Blog” Series:
It’s been a minute since I posted a new video. And it’s not like I want to leave all you new bloggers hanging. Not at all. My computer is having problems and I don’t want to risk doing any high-memory stuff (like editing and publishing videos) so for now that is on hiatus. I’m waiting on some accessories which I hope will be here within the next couple of days, and depending on how that affects my laptop’s performance, I’ll get right back to that. In the meantime keep sending your questions or if you need an immediate response, email me: j.abdulai@circumspecte.com.

The Water Chronicles:So some of you might have seen Part I and Part II of “Calabash Tears”. Part III is on it’s way, I assure you LOL. I just wanted to explain the concept behind The Water Chronicles. Basically, water access is a huge development problem and many seem to be unaware of the fact. Yes, even those of us who live in Ghana and other African/developing countries and have to go on water searches. Why? Because that’s all we know and have been used to. This series is geared at shedding light on some of the challenges around water access. Analysts project that water will be the next oil in the course of a few years. It’s becoming scarcer and it’s such an important commodity that some mind has to be paid to it. So this is my contribution in that vein. The Water Chronicles will feature a series of short stories around the central team of water access. Hope you enjoy and please, do share your own experiences.

Upcoming Interviews:
As always, people are forever doing exciting things!! Some stuff to look out for:

– Interview with iStandAbove
– Interview with “Rocky” of Bronx Princess
– Interview with DreamOval [For you techy peeps ;)]

We are Africans!
There’s a lot going on in the world and so much to share. So, Circumspect is extending the interview series to Africans in general. Alors, if you know about (an) amazing African(s) doing amazing stuff to fuel development, pray do tell. I think I should be able to handle Francophone interviews as well, so send along. We’d be happy to interview + feature them. And in the Circumspect sense, the individuals don’t necessarily have to be Africans themselves. Just pro-Africa youth undertaking innovative ventures on the continent. Just thought I’d clarify :)

Look forward to your suggestions, opinions, questions etc and thanks for being part of the Circumspect experience!


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