So. I normally don’t write posts on all these social media tools and networks, because I can barely keep up. But Google has just unveiled it’s latest competitor to Twitter and Facebook: Google Buzz!

Been trying it out, and I like it. One thing about Google is they always seem to look at convenience. Put chat in email, and everyone’s signing up. Come up with your own version of twitter and put it in email … and what? Everyone’s signing up. I don’t know what happened with Google Wave, but everything else seems to catch on.

I’ve been saying this for a long time, and I will say it again. Google is taking over. Now with Buzz, here are some things I’m wondering about:

– How will it affect Twitter…and to a lesser degree Facebook?
– What will employers think about Google Buzz? More distraction for workers?
– Will the productivity level of employees soar or reduce?
– What about misdirected information…you know how you send an email to everyone in your department when it’s meant for one person

If anything, I think Google will come up with a Corporate version of Buzz and convince companies that it’s worth their while to utilize it. Heck, they’ve pretty much sold all their other products.

Now I wish we could come up with some information database thing like this in African countries!!!

But let’s be real. Some people are skeptical about Google. And yes, we do have to question what Google’s motives are. I read somewhere recently that the CIA is looking to improve upon it’s information base. Well, if they partnered up with Google, that would be deadly. Why? Google has all the information. Unless you decide not to go on the internet EVER!

The way I see it, Google is the new world order. And at some point, we’re gonna have to come on board or jump ship. At the end of the day, it’s a plus for information access. And as we all know, knowledge is power. Check out fellow Ghana blogger, Emmanuel Bensah’s post on Google domination.

Anyway, this is not supposed to be a long post. And I should probably be careful what I post, seeing that Google controls my blog platform too. LOL. Back to work.

In Google Bliss,

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  1. I saw this when I wanted to use my google chat but didn't try it. Isn't Wave a forgotten issue, and now buzz? Let's watch and see.

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