Welcome to A New DECADE!
Happy New Year!!! I know, I know, I’ve been saying “happy new year” for the past two weeks or so, but isn’t it just amazing?! Despite the struggles, the dark hours, the stress, and everything, we made it! Not only to a new year, but to a new decade!! If tonight is anything to go by, my 2010 will be spontaneous. There, I’ve declared it into existence. Growth, change and spontaneity, inshAllah!

Hmm, What To Do For The Countdown?
So I’d been making plans to be in N.Y. for a while, and then made other plans to be in D.C. instead, which ended up falling through. So I was like, really, what am I going to do for new year’s? Anywho. I went on a limb, got online, and got a ticket to N.Y. So right this moment, I’m on the Bolt Bus, blogging away  and chugging along to spend new year’s with some of the most amazing people I know. And no, the ball drop is not on my agenda. Did that last year and ended up on some random street shouting “happy new year” in the freezing cold. This year I want to be warm, thank you very much. LOL.
Sisterly Tradition at Its Best 
When I was in Ghana my sister Annatu and I had a special new year’s tradition. Practically everyone in the house would fall asleep, but we always stayed up. We’d save up in the run-up to new year’s, and the night before we’d go out with our stash of gold and buy soft drinks – usually coke, sprite, or fanta cocktail – and some cookies. We’d put the drinks in the fridge to freeze a bit, and then we’d stay up watching the late night movie and talk about the past year, “do you remember this-eh I can’t believe they did that” kinda thing. Afterwards, we’d talk about our resolutions – standing outside on the porch and gazing at the stars. And I’d always wonder what would happen that year and if I’d ever look at the stars from another part of the world.
Well, tonight I’m in another part of the world, but I’m not looking at any stars since I’m on the bus. And surprisingly, skype wasn’t as reliant as it usually is. So my sister and I are on facebook chatting away, just like old times. And I suppose virtually everyone else in the house is asleep lol. Although I’m miles away, my heart was right there in Ghana counting down with her, and I feel so blessed to have her, my family and friends.
My New Year Wish For You Wonderful Peeps!
So for 2010, I wish you all the very best! All the blessings and opportunities to make you become the grandest versions of yourselves. All the patience, strength and perseverance to overcome the trials that 2010 might bring. And above all, I pray that in every action and decision, you choose the action that is sponsored by love, instead of that instigated by fear. Happy New Year people!

Photo Source: http://gipscorp.com/blog/2008/12/22/focus-is-everything/


  1. Annatu Neina Reply

    Heyyyyy! Nothing can beat those cold sodas and cookie new years…love you to bits big sister! 2010 is going to be a blast!

  2. Awww, I like that tradition and glad of the technology to enables us to keep in touch. Happy New Year dear and hope your NY trip is going well.

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