[I always found this kind of writing fascinating. So I decided to try my hands at one. Would be interesting to see what peeps make of it. Enjoy! ]

Good Cop: Don’t click on it .
Bad Cop: Oh, why ever not, you know you want to.
Good Cop: Just don’t! You’re setting yourself back.
Bad Cop: C’mon, it’s just a photo, geez Mother Theresa.
Good Cop: Don’t, don’t…please.

Too late. The page was loaded, and she succumbed herself to the painful pangs that slashed at her heart. He looked so happy. So dashing. So…without her.

Good Cop: Why do you do this to me? To yourself? To Us? Why?
She didn’t know why. But she kept coming back to this place. This no-man’s land. Where she saw everything she ever wanted, but never achieved.

Bad Cop: You need this. You need to see the reality of the situation, and deal with it. And maybe, just maybe, after seeing it so many times, one day you’ll take a look and be numb to it all.

But that day hadn’t yet come. So instead, she kept going back to that no-man’s land, hoping to one day come upon a beautiful mirror, gaze into it, and see herself looking back. Such poetry. 


She looks just like me! He actually went for someone who looks just like me! Maybe one day, he’ll realize it was me he wanted all along, not her.

Bad Cop: Really? Is that the best you can come up with?

Sigh. It really happened didn’t it?

Good Cop: Yep, without a doubt.

But why???

Bad Cop: Why not? You and your notions about being untouchable.That’s the irony of it all. You all think you’re untouchable. Oh, this could never happen to me, that could never happen to me…until it actually does. And you’re left sitting up late into the night, joining in the chorus of your ancestors as you contemplate the silent question. “Why?”


Good Cop: C’mon, sign out, turn off the computer, and go do something else. Call someone, read a book, go for a walk. Anything. Please.

Yea, you’re right, that’s exactly what I should do.

Bad Cop: Are you kidding me? So you go read a book, call someone, go for a walk. At the end of the day none of those are gonna help you get over him. The only one who can do that is you. And you have to do this actively. Let’s look at the next one.


Oh wow, look at her goggling at him. That’s definitely a serious case of love’ims. But how can she look at him like that? What does she see in him? He’s supposed to be mine.

Good Cop: Ummm. Let’s not go there.

Go where?

Bad Cop: Leave her be! She’s dealing with it. You go right ahead girl. The truth shall set you free.

What are you two talking about? All I want is…all I want is him.

Good Cop: Now, you’ve definitely gone overboard. Shut down and let’s leave.

But why? Is it so bad for me to acknowledge what I feel.

Bad Cop: Acknowledging is not bad. It’s good actually. It’s the wanting, that’s bad.

Bad Cop! You? I never expected you to say something like that! You’re supposed to be on my side!

Bad Cop: And I am, just as Good Cop is. We just take different approaches to it.

Different Approaches? You’re both telling me that wanting him is bad. Even though it’s want I feel in the depths of my heart. What’s so wrong with that?

Good Cop: Umm. He’s not yours.

I know that. That’s what’s gotten me in this position in the first place.

Bad Cop: Yea, so technically, you shouldn’t want him. You should try to curb that want at all costs.

But that doesn’t make sense. What I feel, is what I feel, there’s nothing I can do about it.

Bad Cop: Well, in another instance, that might be true.

Are you saying I’m having misguided feelings?

Bad Cop: No, quite the contrary. You’re targeting exactly who you want to target with your feelings. But that’s the no-no.

Whatever do you mean Bad Cop? Just lay it out for me.

Good Cop: Go Ahead. You’ve been pushing the entire deal with this head-on thing.


Bad Cop: Here’s the deal. Before, when he wasn’t umm…attached. You could target him with your feelings and it’d be ok. But now. That he’s someone else’s…you’re coveting.

*Blank stare*

Good Cop: Umm, do you need some tissue?

How can I possibly be coveting? I knew him before she did. We shared something special, that she probably has no idea about.

Good Cop: That’s true. But the Lord delivered him unto her for a reason. And he stipulates that you shouldn’t covet.

Bad Cop?

Bad Cop: Sorry partner, I have to agree with Good Cop on this one.

Coveting him? Seriously? Me?

Bad Cop: There you go again thinking you’re untouchable! 

Sigh. I knew I should have bidded on him when I had the chance! Now it’s too late. 

The package has already been delivered, and that…that…woman, has already uploaded photos on Facebook with him in tow. 

How am I ever gonna find another like him? Especially on Ebay? Sigh. He really was the most fabulous pair of Jimmy Choos ever!

Photo Source: http://kharsley97.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/alterego1_r1_c2.gif?w=300&h=201


  1. You did a good job, I was just discussing with my SO about this construct in writing where you use diff IDs in one.

    The story though is quite sad and touching, universal too.

  2. @Chisom: Glad u enjoyed it lol

    @Myne: It is quite an interesting piece right. I like it because its so real!!! People have convos w/ themselves all the time. I know I do. lol. Merry Christmas to you and SO.

    @Abena: Unexpected indeed lol

    @Neefemi: Glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. Ahmed Yiwere Reply

    mmm…, I think it's a very clever piece.In the beginning i was thinking about one thing and in the end another.I enjoyed it too. Good job.

  4. OH THis was so goooddddddddd! I loved it and the end was so unexpected, which made it even better!

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