Okay, so I’m sitting here at work, and I’m soooooooooooo giddy with excitement!!!! Ghana vs Brazil U20 World Championship game, Ghana trashed Brazil!!!! 4-3 in penalties.And with man 1 down (they played 10 against 11) I loove penalties (used to be a goalie and just loved the adrenaline rush). Anyways. This post is to commemmorate the fact that Ghana is the first African country to win the U20 Cup! How many more firsts is this country going to bag??

Thought a couple of things were interesting:

– Didn’t watch the game, but knew exactly what was going on via the fifa.com webcast updates +…drumroll…facebook updates! Chale, u don’t need to be in front of the T.V. to see things going dowwwn lol.

– The famous Ghanaian footballer Abedi Ayew Pele, took his ‘Pele’ from Brazil’s amazing sportsman Pele who won the title of “Athlete of the Century” in 1999. Now Abedi Pele’s son Dede Ayew plays against Brazil about a decade later as the captain of the Ghana team, the Black Satellites and Ghana takes the title of U20 Champs!!! Wow, things do come full circle don’t they?

– And now for what I think is probably one of the most important. The Ghana U20 team was led to victory by none other than a Ghanaian Coach!! Sellas Tetteh! How beautiful is this eh??

As for this one dieee, if the Ghana Government decides to give a holiday, I absolutely concur!!! Ghana oseee yeee!!!! Putting Africa on the map!! Gotta watch out for their big brothers- the Ghana National Team the Black Stars – during S. A. 2010!!

Here are some of the interesting facebook status updates on the win:
Kwabena Boateng Ghana is a trending topic on TWITTER BRAP

Daniel Arthur 1 man down against brazil & winning is like going into an exam room wid nuthin in ur head and gettin an A(where i’m from,dat’s IMPOSSIBLE)…..so chale de boys force….IM GOING OUT


WORLD CUP 2010 Ghana, the African Pride defeated the Great Team of Brazil on penalty shoot-out and became the Under-20 World Cup Champion of 2009!! Congratulations Ghana, congratulations to 2nd place Brazil and to all the great young players who played in this world championship tournament!

Peter Finor La-Anyane I just got back inside from running outside with my flag. Everyone was looking at me like “you know you’re in the USA right?” God won this game for us!! Ghana U-20 World Cup Champions. More reason to XPECT GREATNESS FROM US!!http://www.xpectgh.com

Yaa Asantewaa Appiah Korang Goooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ghana!!!!!!!!! “Ghana DO the best!!!!!!” Under 20 World Cup Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To God be the Glory!!!!!!!!

Adu Ampofo First African U-20 world champions AND on African soil. We are so well beyond A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!

Frankie Marvin Cofie For all who dnt knw, God is an African

Opk Ac-day Opoku Ghana do the best.. we do the best.. Who said Ghana didn’t do the best has a problem.. Ghana do the best.. we do the best! Brazil is nothing before us.. they can’t change us!

Saka Linus 
I just want to send a MEMO to GFA…Coach Silas Tetteh is Ghanaian, he(Silas) led the Satelites to WIN U20 against Brazil…case in point, GFA pay him watever he says he deserves, give him d salary u pay foreign High School Gym Teachers to come to GH ad coach and let him lead the Stars to Bring to trophy from SA…I’m just saying

Ato Ulzen-Appiah Haven’t heard Atta Mills speak live all year but I/m now. He’s congratulating d Black Satellites on making #Ghana world champions! Adom FM.

Edna Lola Owusu-Ansah The great Goliath has fallen.it is finished

Ishmael Osekre 
Where are those who predicted our loss? The analysts said we didn’t have the technique, we didn’t have the flair, we didn’t have the stamina. They said we were playing too defensively. We got a red card. They said it was a wrap. They said maybe we will lose in the 2nd half then … and on and on. Everything was against us. BUT WE WON. Ghana is the 1st African team to win the U21 World Cup. See you in South Africa!

Senam Apaloo youre from where? oh Brazil- thats the country Ghana beat right?I THOUGHT SO!

Brigid Yirenkyi never a better time to be Ghanaian!!!! i’m so proud of us!!!!

PaaMilitary Yanful today is the day i stopped calling football soccer! GO GHANA greates footballing nation on the continent!!

Kwesi ‘pk’ Fynn iREP G.H.A.N.A.!!! You know the name right?!

Angellah Asiah Choi Proud to be ghanaian, brazil u aint got nothing on us!!!

Philip Odei We trusted in God to make Ghanaians da happiest pple on earth 2day!!! To GOD be the GLORY!!!

Phebe Awura-Abena Fantedorkono Brako my mother skipped church to watch soccer. so if i skip class on monday cos of basketball, should she get mad? lol!

Ruth Ofeibea Botsio GHANA DOES IT BEST AND DOES IT REAL- IT’S NEVER FOR THE SHOW (balloon boy). Pacesetters for generations to come ♥. Now where’s my jollof?

And of course, yours truly….

Jemila Wunpini Abdulai Wooopie!!! Yay Ghana!!!! Brazil, we have put pepper in your eyes!!! Who’s talking about the African Brazil? We’re the U20 Champs, go figure!

To go with a popular Ghana “gyama” / celebratory song, “Brazil, we scored you, we put pepper in your eyes!” (I’m not hating on Brazil, I’m just elated :) ) Okay enough for the day lol. Wooopie, Congrats U20 Champs, you brought the gold back to the Gold Coast!!!

Photo Sources: Fifa Web site

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  1. hahahaha!!!!! Jemi this blog is simply awe-some! I love the status messages! really cool! :-)

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