Meet Ruby Mac. She might look like an ordinary mac computer, but she’s far from being commonplace. This special kid has got a mum and a name. The origins of her name reside in the ruby-colored cover on her back and the fact that she’s a…take a wild guess…mac! And as to having a mum, no, we’re not talking about the parent company Apple Inc. here, we mean Stephanie Frances Ama Otema Adu. Prior to Ruby Mac was Kwame Latrell, who also served his mum well from Oct. 2004 to Aug. 2009. Quite a lifetime of experiences huh? Without a doubt. In this tech age, the bond between a human and a desktop/laptop/ipod/cell phone/ whatever other gadget-kid is out there is amazing! So much to the point where many tech gadget enthusiasts have taken to literally personalizing their gadgets by giving them names! Now you might think that that’s pushing it a bit, but it’s interesting to note that these gadgets actually imbibe their names.

Take Blanche de Castille for instance. From her name, you might think she’s a French lady with royal ancestors, and given the way she acts sometimes, maybe she is. But on the outside, she’s an HP Pavillion dv6000t laptop computer. Where did the name come from? Well, her mum (being yours truly) got her right before going abroad to France in August 2007. As an individual who doesn’t actually have a favorite color, it’s quite amusing to note that basically all her gadget kids have names related to their color. Blanche is white, hence the choice of the french equivalent for the color white. Her surname came about when said parent was in Paris touring the royal city of Versailles. She chanced upon a potrait of an actual French noble by the name Blanche de Castille et voila! It was official!

Like most other gadgets out there, Ruby Mac’s cousin Blanche has personality traits. For one thing, she tends to be very picky about who can operate her, and is especially shy when there is a stranger around. In the latter instance common actions include the slow loading of processes, sporadic pop-ups of random windows and outright refusal to show up (perform) at all. Despite these tendencies which are reminiscent of any healthy and growing kid, Blanche and her mother have a special bond. They understand each other like no other ever will and have undertaken many an interesting adventure together. Thanks to Blanche, Circumspect was born. And over the course of time, Blanche actually developed some human features as well: eyes. Two white spots on her screen, which at the time of her purchase, were non-existent. Some may choose to call it a defect, but Blanche’s family and friends regard it as a testimony to her uniqueness.

Family & Friends you ask? Yes, most definitely! Most people who know and love Blanche refer to her by her God-given name “Oh I remember how useful Blanche was to us in Senegal; she definitely helped out a lot,” “So, did you get an external hard-drive for Blanche yet?” etc. It really is interesting to see the new lengths this tech era is taking us to, and when you think about it, the Gadget-Kids are literally helping us write an entirely new chapter in our individual and common histories. So the next time you think about getting a gadget, think carefully about what you would like to name him/her, and you will be amazed at the untold adventures you will have. Not to mention the fact that you’re more likely pay attention to his/her needs: frequent virus checks, clean ups, protection etc. Do you have a gadget-kid with a name? Tell us about them; we’ll be one big gadget-kid family :) Who’s talking about machines taking over the world? As far as we’re concerned, the only things they’re taking over are our hearts ;)

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