It’s about 3am, and I think last night was a night well-spent. As you’ve probably noticed (or haven’t, if you just got on here), Circumspect is all cleaned up, tucked away in drawers, and operating like clockwork. I finally came across a template I liked which was also user friendly and quite classy. For those of you who are bloggers or looking to start a blog, I got it from

So, you have the development articles, the personal stuff, the book project (16 journal), and the sharing is caring series which has all the miscellaneous stuff. What else??? Yea, I’m still experimenting with the template a bit since there are some kinks here and there, and maybe even the color…Dunno, we’ll see. Must say though, messing with the html code was MUCH EASIER than I anticipated. It’s amazing to think how user-friendly all these hardcore tech stuff have become. I actually enjoyed playing around with the code, and trust me, this is in stark contrast to my days at AITI-KACE when I’d get headaches while coding. I also had a lil’ help from a lovely friend, so that helped make the process easier. [Merci Hijabee ;) ]You should check out her blog!
Okay, I have work all day tomorrow (yes, on a Saturday. I know), so I should turn in right about now.

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Jemila Abdulai is the creative director, editor and founder of the award-winning website A media and international development professional and economist by training, she combines her business, communications and project management expertise with her strong passion for Africa. Besides writing and reading, she enjoys travel, global cuisine, movies, and good design.

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  1. Oh my, can't believe you stayed up till 3am to finish this up lol. I told you it was addictive. Anyways, no need to thank me, all the hard work is yours and I love the new template, it rocks :)

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