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Have you ever felt like you just want everything going on around you to stop; if even for a second? Yea, well I’m feeling like that right this moment! What’s it about this time? I’ll tell you: its about people making a choice to be dedicated to a cause and failing. Its amazing the effect the slogan “Globe Trekkers -we trek the world” seems to have on the juniors. But I’m not surprised; it had the same effect on me when I was a junior. I mean, when the juniors hear that slogan, they’re thinking fun, fun and more fun! Yea, that’s true. But for us executives, its more like work, work and more WORK! I can hardly imagine how the President of the country manages his affairs, because I can barely handle mine as the President of the Globe Trekkers Club! I’m telling you, I had to stop myself about a zillion times over the past week from handing in my resignation letter.

This last week has got to be the worst week of my entire life! Ok, maybe not the worst week, but its most definitely discouraging (I just realized that I ALWAYS use extreme definitions for every experience I have. How many “worst day of my life” can I accord to my experiences?). Here’s the ish.: We- the Globe Trekkers Club- had a cultural integration program here in school last week and everyone was really involved; every single one of us. Even the “members” who had never been to a club meeting before. Perfect right? Wrong! On the actual day, there wasn’t a single member in sight! It was like they had all decided to perform a disappearing act! So here I was with the other executives, juggling about four or five tasks at a time. I was ushering in our invited guests, giving the welcome address, running after the models for the Cat-walk session as well as sitting at the high table trying to look all calm and in control. I really don’t know how we managed! Meanwhile, the so-called members were busy chatting to the guys who were at visitor’s inn! You’d think they’d never seen a guy before!

Anyway, the good thing is that our visitors obviously didn’t realize that anything was wrong, and they enjoyed the program. They even asked for a re-run next year( As if!) Yea, so that’s it…a day in the life of the President of Globe Trekkers. Honestly, next time we’re hosting a program like that, I’ll personally purchase electronic trackers for every single member!


Most of us do not appreciate the co-curricular activities that go on in our schools. We rather regard them as a waste of time and energy. That’s what it may look on the surface, but sometimes, we have to look harder and deeper till we see the core. Club activities, sports and all the other co-curricular activities that form part of our school lives are necessary. They not only help in the total development of the self, but also help to let off steam. I mean, c’mon, who would be caught dead still studying after about five class tests? Definitely not me! Besides, who knows? Your participation in these activities could very well help you decide on what career path to take. It’s no secret that top professionals in the various careers developed their capabilities through one co-curricular activity or the other. Let’s think about it and lay low on the hateration on co-curricular activities.

*ish-issue *hateration- contempt/dislike

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  1. Back in senior high school, was he entertainment prefect as well as the wildlife president.
    Sure it looks like i had all the fun leadership role, yeah right, between organizing activities for saturday nights and sunday club meeting was no joke. But it has helped shaped the person i am today.
    Hell what can't i organize? Acadamics or pleasure.
    My motto is, work hard and play hard.

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