Dear Diary,

Hey yourself, I just got back from work and boy, am I tired! On the whole, work is pretty cool but (there’s always a but), it does get frustrating as hell. Talk about “hard to please” customers, rebellious machines, power cuts etc. Working in a café ain’t easy; especially with the special group of people I refer to as the “Alicia Keys peeps.” (Take note: They ain’t half as cool as her though). They just take pride in walking all around the café (braids swaying like crazy) acting all bossy like they own the place you know? I mean who do they think they are?

And then we have the rebels (machines), now they are something else. From the computers, through to the printers and the photocopiers. Its just hell dealing with these guys. I mean, we created them but now they wanna control us? Goodness! We deserve more respect than that. Does it have to do with me not having an IP address or something? God!

Oh, let’s not forget the service providers, They have an irritable habit of cutting the line every few minutes. And of course, our “hard to please” customers always play on that. “Oh, as for this café, you always have problems. I’ll go to a different café next time”. The next day they are the first to show up with a “I hope today the service will be better” statement. Empty barrels for sheezy!

I like the experience though. The peeps I work with are just great. By the time I get back to school I would be glad to say I have a little working experience; a privilege most graduates are without.


Like I said it’s all about the experience. I guess you can say working opens your eyes and mind to a lotta stuff you were otherwise oblivious to. So I’ll keep enjoying it to the max, even though sometimes it ain’t nothing to enjoy. But I’m hopeful of better things.

*sheezy-sure *lotta- lots of

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