Dear Diary,

I still can’t believe that in barely a year, I’ll be in university. I mean, how did this happen so fast? It was just yesterday that I was kidding around with my boys after the BECE.

Anyways, I have been doing some thinking with regards to my tertiary education, Thinking about what I’ll major in, how it would feel to live an independent life, which girls I’ll meet (hey, don’t be surprised, there’s always the issue of girls you know), partying….I can’t wait. Did I say can’t? I meant couldn’t. That was last week.

Sundiata came to visit yesterday, and we had a chat. He was telling me about all the clubbing and chilling he’s been doing and all. I was real impressed cos his grades are good despite all the chilling he does. So what did I do? I asked him how he manages. Hmm… I sometimes wish I didn’t cos he started talking about how he has to wake up at dawn to study and read ahead of the class and all. I mean, come on! Who’d want to sit at a desk studying when he could be snug under the covers?

Man, it really got to me. Taking my own notes, having to make my own decisions on when, where and with who to study? I guess University is two totally different ball games rolled in one, huh? Hey, that’s a good idea for an essay. I better write it down before I lose my line of thought. Ciao.


Regardless of the level of education that you’re at, there’s the issue of both work and play. University life isn’t just fun, fun and more fun. Sure, you may decide to spend all your time enjoying life, but at the end of the day, you lose cos you only get half the bargain. You not only waste your time and resources, but you also lose the chance of exploring the world of education.

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