Dear Diary,

Responsibilities, responsibilities. God! Sometimes I just hate to hear the word. I mean come on, what’s up with the “you’re the eldest child in the family so you have to set a good example for the others to follow. You have to be more responsible.” Honestly, I’m tired of all that. Because of all my “responsibilities”, I can’t even think straight or act like me. I mean, heeello! What happened to being myself?

Sure, it’s cool being the eldest daughter…once in a while. But come on, between having to explain to Mummy why Titilayo cannot borrow my clothes even though she’s my sister, trying to stop the oh-so-numerous quarrels that Zisung and Napari engage in, AND trying to ensure that we all do our house chores, there’s hardly any time left for just being me! Its like I’m living in a constant state of being somebody else.

Anyways, I have to scram now… supposed to take Zisung and Napari to a birthday party. (talk about boredom). Toodles!


No matter one’s position in the family, there’s always one responsibility or the other. Whether you’re the first kid or the baby of the family, you have a unique role to play that makes your family what it is. Without everyone’s hands on deck, something is bound to go wrong somewhere. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to escape responsibility; the most you can do is to defer it to a later date and believe me, you wouldn’t want to do that. Its hard enough just being a kid. Goodness knows what being a kid and adult at the same time would be like.

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