Dear Diary,

To say I love my mom would be an understatement, I totally adore her. Whenever I have a problem I just gotta run to her because she’s so understanding, like most moms are right? Besides, dads just don’t understand, do they? A couple of times (maybe more than a couple), I felt she did me wrong but now when I look back, she did do the right thing. She always makes time for me when I need it and always gives me useful advice. You can say she’s kinda like my guardian angel. One time some loco doctor gave me one too many shots and I almost died. Actually I heard, I ain’t gonna pretend that I remember. I heard mom couldn’t really control herself. When I hear stuff like that, I cant help but feel more compassion for her. And I won’t stand anyone dissing my mom because I’ll just explode. There’s a whole lot of stuff I could talk about but that would take forever. Simply put, she’s the greatest mom alive.

Observation: I believe if all mothers were like mine, the world would be a better place than it is right now. If anybody has a mom like mine, make sure you don’t lose her. A caring mom is worth more than all diamonds in the world put together.

dissing – disgracing/insulting

kinda – kind of

aint – am not
gonna – going to

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