Dear Diary,

I’ m positive my voice has gone hoarse from all the screaming I’ve been doing today. No, Arif and the guys didn’t come down here for another screaming match though I’d rather that was the case. The thing is that mum and dad went out…sans those little devils. Okay they’re my kid brothers and sister but still!

“Don’t touch that”, “get down from there”, “are we there yet?”. Sound familiar? It should, cos that’s what you hear around every child. Indeed, children are a torment and nothing more. I mean, there are some sweet children but the majority, damn! No wonder parents get grey hairs so quickly. Anytime I hear a kid cry, I gotta find an exit fast coz if I don’t, I’ll go deaf. Yeah we were all children but surely we couldn’t have been that annoying! I know y’all feel me on this one. Whenever a naughty kid starts acting nice I need to ask him/her what’s up because that just doesn’t happen. If he aint broken something then he wants something.

It’s not always that bad though. Like I said, we were all children once and hey, I haven’t turned out too bad after all have I? The reason we’ve become who we are today is because of how well or otherwise we were taken care of. This factor more or less separates the “men from the boys”, and, to be fairer, the “girls from the women”. I know children can be a real pain in the behind sometimes– heard I was more like a constant pain-,but it is worth the effort.

ADVICE: It does gets unbearable sometimes, but it is all part of growing up. Besides we all did pass through that phase. Here’s a little food for thought, Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back. Remember that.

Note: gotta – got to

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