Dear Diary,

I’ve been laughing so hard the sides of my stomach are beginning to ache. I really shouldn’t laugh so much though, cos for a certain person, the issue that’s making me laugh is real serious. (Totally grim faced, with no smiles.)

O.k. o.k. I’ll fill you in on the “joke”. Konadu actually thinks that I have the hots for the guy she likes! I’m thinking aliens have invaded Ghana or something cos that notion of hers is way off base! What’s more is she isn’t relating to me like she used to…no more teasing and stuff. Oh well. Aight, I’ll cut the indifference act. That DID get to me. It might not be that obvious, but I really value my friendship with Konadu. She’s like the twin I never had. (You and I both know that “twins” doesn’t even begin to describe our connection.) That’s why I would most definitely NOT let ANY guy come between us (Unless of course, that guy is…lol. I’m just kidding, ok?)

I must say that it’s a good thing that I realized what was going on with her before anything crazy cropped up. I don’t even want to think about where we would be right now.

Anyways, I gotta bounce. Gotta go meet Konadu and head over to Yanik’s house. She’s launching phase one of operation “Get Yanik”. Laughing Out Loud.


ALL girls, (no matter how nonchalant they appear to be) value their friendships. It might not always be a positive friendship-hey, we are being realistic here, right?- but the thing called loyalty is always there. Always. Sure, some girls show it in a twisted way, and for others, there isn’t even an indication. But most girls, value their friends to a great extent.

*cos- because *lol-laughing out loud *aight-alright/okay *gotta- got to

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