Dear Diary,

Trying to be something you are not is so not cool. But there’s nothing wrong with enhancing who you are…becoming the “It Girl”…becoming a diva… I learnt that the hard way.

The latter part of last year was so all- that and more for me. I went from quiet, shy Aphie to what was hot, new and happening; all in one breath, and it felt good!

Everyone loved the change. But that was sop not me. There was more to me than I was letting out. Well, this year, Phase Three of “Growing Up” kicked in. The new Aphie. The true me. I’ve started paying attention to the things I missed before. It’s ok to hang out at night, only not too often else I might get mistaken for a call girl. Make-up is to enhance, not to mask my face. It’s best not to leave much to the imagination when I get dressed-not too many layers else I’ll hide my great figure; not too few either else…

I’ve worked on character too-down with the shyness, don with the loudness and aggressiveness. All in all, I love who I am right now: A Diva. I f you don’t believe me, ask my boyfriend Ngozi. He gave himself a similar makeover so he’d match his baby girl-me. We are the “It Couple” now. Ask anybody.


Living a girl’s life is tough. I mean, we not only have to ponder about what to wear, how we look, whether we done our chores, whether we’re living up to expectation and all that, but we also have to put up with all the prejudice and critics around.

I’m sure quite a number of girls feel pressurized to either slim down , put on some weight or one thing or the other. Well get this girls. You already have to deal with meeting your own ideals. Its just one of those things that every girl does. What’s the use in compounding your situation with trying to meet the sometimes unhealthy expectations that people have? At the end of the day, you would only succeed in transforming yourself into somebody you’re not.

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