Dear Diary,

I am so angry right now! Riad has really overstepped his bounds this time! I’m fed up! I mean, how much can one expect of a girl? I’m just me. You dun like that, well that’s your problem! Right? Come to think of it, I don’t know what his problem is….Its not like I went and cheated on him or anything. Gosh. He’s so full of it. C’mon, there are about a trillion guys I know who would kill to get the kinda attention I give Riad. I call him at least every two days, send him texts just to let him know I care or I’m thinking of him AND I help him with his school work sometimes. It’s not like I don’t have other things doing, but just so I fit into the description of girlfriend….maybe that’s it….we need to redefine what girlfriend means.

Darn! You should see me right now; I’m so fuming mad, I’m actually shaking. I really wonder what’s gotten into him for him to even consider having sex with me! Hell, that’s so insulting! And, as if that’s not enough, he had the nerve to tell me that I should drop the whole Mother Theresa attitude! Can you imagine! And he said all that on my birthday! I’m definitely not a prude, but on the other hand, I’m not a slut either. I value my integrity and I’m not about to give up my decision on abstaining from sex for any guy. Especially not him. He certainly doesn’t deserve it! That’s it. I’m tired. I’m not even going to call him up and ask him anything…far as I’m concerned, our relationship is over!


No matter how close you and your partner may be, there are some decisions that you have to make yourself. Sure, relationships are a give and take situation but some issues or decisions you take as an individual cannot and should not be compromised. You should be able to have a clear idea of the do’s and don’t in your relationship and you should let your partner be aware of it. It’s either the whole package or nothing at all (despite how much this may hurt or be hard). And besides, no matter how much you try to understand your partner, you never fully will-its just one of those mysteries of life that cannot be solved.

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