Dear Diary,

I’m totally convinced that some “friends” just make it their official duty of letting one down. One thing I cant stand is being disappointed and that’s exactly how I feel right now. I mean, how the hell can Olesugun back down on the deal we planned ages ago?

I really don’t think I’ll get over this one anytime soon. Maybe I need to review my friend’s list and right now, one name stands the opportunity of being deleted and trash-canned. I know he’s avoiding me, but I‘ll get him soon, and believe me, there will be fireworks, and I’m not talking about the 6th of March.


“I’ll be here for you no matter what.”, “I got your back”, “We’ll stick it through the hard times as one.” All these remarks build up a sense of trust and loyalty for our friends. However, these words are quite unrealistic in their own way.

For one thing, our friends cannot ALWAYS be there for us. Sometimes, circumstances get out of hand and thus prevent them from doing so, even if they want to. Aside that, we are all human at the end of the day and therefore tend to act and react as humans.

Although it’s good to have a friend that we can rely on, it is also necessary for us to be self-reliant as well. Should there be an instance where our friends cannot be there for us, we can take up the challenge and persevere. In the long run, it is not only a victory for us, but also for a realistic and true friendship.

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  1. I agree totally, we need to be able to stand on our own and not always run to our buddies. Experience, they say, is the best teacher and I am her student concerning this one.

    Jemila, these are interesting. Keep up the good work!

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