Dear Diary,

Today, I had to come to terms with the fact that I lied. There’s nothing worse than lying to yourself, especially if you spent half a year’s savings on celebrating the lie. Then again, it wasn’t exactly a lie… it was more like me conceding defeat, kind of like saying okay, so I cannot have this, so fine, I’ll try to live with it.

Okay, so Diary, after how many days of convincing myself that I’m totally over Kuuku, one, just one (long, sweet, dreamy… sigh) conversation made me think otherwise:

So here I am, all ready to go to Samira’s when Adjeley texts that she’s coming over, and I better be at home or else… (What can I say; a best friend has certain privileges). She gets here and says she’s been talking to Kuuku online and he’s going to stay on for a long while, and he said to tell me that. Meaning he wants me to come on, right? So in a flash, me, Samira, Adjeley and Mansa, who just happens to stop by at that moment, fly to the café. My guy was really online! Did I just say “my guy”? We chat for an hour and a half, and then I have to go (after the denims thing, I’m careful with my money), so he says he’ll call me at 11 pm, my time… That explains why I am up at this time.


Like it or not, I learnt the true meaning of love today. Call me paranoid, being 18 years (19 in eleven days) and all, but I KNOW that when I told Kuuku that I loved him, I meant it, and he also meant it when he said he loved me too… not even all the Sekyiwaas of this world can change that! Some lesson, right?

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