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I hope the summer has started off great for all of you. Its slowly creeping into S.Hadley…the sun seems not to have gotten the memo yet. Anyways, I took a short hiatus from writing development articles, but now I’m back! (You didn’t think I’d be away too long, did you?) And there’ll be quite a number of changes coming to Circumspecte. First off, our URL has moved from http://mysterieuxe.blogspot.com to http://circumspecte.blogspot.com. Secondly, Circumspect is in collaboration with another great GH site, http://lifestylzgh.com ! You guys need to check out that site for the latest and most relevant information on rising Ghanaian youth in music, fashion, philantrophy, business etc. There’ll also be interviews with amazingly creative and entrepreneurial personalities, and profiles of organizations that are making a difference in Ghana. PLUS, yours truly is on board with the Lifestylzgh team so you can access your favorite Circumspect articles on there as well, in addition to some interesting feature articles on Ghanaian culture and lifestyle. Go right ahead and check it out, and pass on the links to your friends!!! See you around.


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