Dear Diary,

I reckon you’ve been restless with anticipation about the analysis of my trial period at work? Well, here it comes….

Firstly, I think I like the job very much! (Yea, so much such that I’m already dreading August when I’ll have to leave to go to school!) I mean, what more could a girl ask for? I’ve got a terrific boss, a great working environment, state-of-the-art facilities, interesting experiences to tell my grandchildren about,(don’t be giving me those looks, yea?), profitable usage of my time-I think I would have died from boredom if I didn’t have thins job- and of course, l’argent.

I guess you’re pretty impressed with all the stuff I just mentioned yea? Well, sit tight cos there’s more….

Now, to the not-so-encouraging part. Work can be addictive! (O.k. maybe it depends on the kind of person you are; whether you’re… lemme stop before I branch into psychology. Lol!) I mean, I want to have the working experience AND I’ve kinda fallen in love with the job, so what do I do? I put my all and all in whatever I’m doing and I guess I sometimes forget to take a breather?

Side that, we’re talking about me dealing with issues I NEVER contemplated before!-Does this outfit look professional enough, did I remember to switch off the AC before leaving the office? Oh no! I’m gonna have to redo this whole document again because I forgot to save it.- Talk about broadening my outlook on the working world! Lol! Anyways, here’s a tip for you (If you really value your time, energy, the office’s resources and all that, you’ll pay heed to this) NEVER forget to save whatever work you are doing on the computer. We ARE in Africa you know! Lights off dey.)

I guess my work experience is quite synonymous with my life. Ups and downs all over. Hey, its part of life, yea? At least, I learnt how to do faxes and print addresses on envelopes. (yea, I never knew how to before I started work. That’s between us though…sshh.)

Babes, I’ma step out now. Gotta finish this document I’m working on by Thursday. Don’t give me that sullen look! A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, you heard!


Work really IS synonymous with life. There are the good days when you get all or most of your tasks done (all ready and packaged to go) and there are the not-so-good days when you think/feel that you’re not in your element and everything seems to go wrong (Especially when you have stubborn printers which don’t want to obey a SIMPLE command…PRINT!)

I’ve come to realize that, just as we do with our lives, we should be (or try to be) realistic about our jobs and strive to achieve our goals.

*lemme- let me 

*gotta- got to 

*gonna- going to 

*l’argent- French for “money”

*kinda- kind of

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