Dear Diary,

I’m sitting here and finally packing all those school stuff away. I should be overjoyed….generally, yes. I haven’t lost my head yet…..but I’m just thinking. Thinking how much I assumed school to be another avenue by which my peeps could make my life miserable. School sucks! How many times haven’t I heard that? Well for the most part, I’m afraid it’s true. The teachers were sometimes (ok, a little more than sometimes) “yawa”. Always last to class but first to the DC. Oh yeah, sure punish him if he does wrong but don’t notice if he’s making A’s. It’s amazing how some of ‘em played security men so efficiently and yet, were so inept at teaching. If it weren’t for my possies and a couple of my teachers, it would have been hell. We had to survive on uneatable “gaso”, “bolus” and tampico. But Mama Tess sure could cook some mean rice at “goase”. Sports and entertainment was also tight, at least it made you forget the wahala for a lil while. But hey, if we made it through that, what can stop us now? The hustling days are over!

Observation: Sometimes we downplay the importance of secondary school but ultimately, it is serious business. It is, more or less, the gateway to the university and therefore equips you with the necessary skills one needs to deal with the stress which comes with university life.

*yawa- useless   

*DC- disciplinary committee  


*gaso- food eaten in the dinning hall (if you can call it that) 

*bolus- kenkey 

*tampico- orange drink 

*goase-an eating place situated under a tree

*Wahala – struggle


  1. hmmmm…I can totally relate to your feelings.

    Just out of curiosity,are you an ODADE3? cos the terms you used are so much like the ones we used when I was in Presec. Or maybe an ABUGISS girl?

    well, keep writing…I’ll look forward to your next post.

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