Dear Diary,

I just had to escape from all the chaos going on around me. We’re preparing for our annual speech and prize-giving day and the already-high stress level just increased by 100%.

This term has been like so packed, I haven’t really gotten the chance to study. I wouldn’t be so agitated if it weren’t for the fact that exams is right after the speech day. Darn, that’s barely a week away.

Sometimes I just wish I could stop everything. Stop being the President of the Writers and Debaters club, stop being the captain of the school basketball team, and most of all, stop being a student. Physics is already killing me as it is and now with the speech day and its numerous activities, I’m barely living. Even a zombie has got to have more life in it than I do right now.

But when I think about Mum and Dad, my favorite teacher Mr. Atiaga and all those people who are expecting something from me, I just can’t drop it all and leave like that. I just can’t.

Anyways, as always, you’ve made me feel better. Writing in you is really rejuvenating you know. Okay. So now I’m fresh, I’m clean. Look out world,cos here I come…


Nobody said having an education is easy. That’s what makes it so valuable. Being able to go through school in itself is an achievement. Its to bad though that not everybody is privileged enough to go to school. No matter which school you find yourself in, and no matter the prejudices that may exist, its necessary to strive on until the very end. Even if there’s nobody (and there’s always somebody; even if you may not know the person) who you would just like to succeed for, just think of that street child who could have been in your place and strive to succeed in order not to waste your chance. Its not easy, but if somebody was able to do it, so can you. It’s a matter of choice. Choose to succeed.

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