Dear Diary,

I daresay that this will be my shortest entry ever! I went to school, had a great day and came home. End of story. Okay, okay- as if its ever that easy with me- a whole bunch of stuff happened today. And I’m telling you, every single one of them were mere coincidences. I had nothing to do with them….at least not directly. Here’s what happened:

I walked into History class today fashionably late. And I do mean fashion-ably late. Even Mr. Chizuyika who has absolutely no fashion sense can vouch for me on that one. I was looking oh-so drop-dead gorgeous that he actually dropped his chalk. He then proceeded to make such a fuss about my “habitual” tardiness to his class. Who can blame me? 8:30 am on Monday mornings is a little too much don’t you think? And besides, I’m sure the fuss he made was just a cover-up for him dropping his chalk at the sight of me. He does have a reputation to protect you know! (As if)

Anyways, for some strange reason, my IQ was on a negative-something today. I didn’t get a single answer right to redeem my image! Plus, I got a C on my French pop quiz! Now that is serious! I’m a straight A student-okay, maybe not in Ga, but generally, I am. Right?- In the cafeteria, Twumasi decided his plantain and beans looked better in my hair. Soon enough, kenkey and fish, fried yam and of course, good ol’ fufu were doing acrobatics all over the cafeteria. Was kind of messy, but it had been quite a while since I had a good food fight. Lol!

Somehow, I forgot that tension relieving; mind enhancing, rejuvenating food fights also spell trouble. I ended up in serious trouble- cleaning the girl’s restroom for a week is no joke, believe me. What’s nerve wrecking though is the fact that I have to do it all alone. As if Salmartha and the other girls did not do a bit of throwing themselves.

All in all, my day’s been very trouble-filled. But get this. I’d rather have this any day than to have one of those long, boring days that drag and go on for eternity. Well, I have to hit the books now. I do intend to ensure that my IQ level never drops that low again. It’s not healthy. Talk to you later!


School is all about lessons. But unlike what many of us think, these lessons don’t necessarily have to be in the typical classroom setting of dedicated teachers and studious students. Learning is an all-day, every-day, everywhere, anytime affair. Of course, we may not always like the lessons we learn; but all in all, they’re for a purpose. Who knows? Maybe someday you could be standing in front of a podium in a great hall addressing students about a lesson you learnt in school that took you all through life.

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  1. lol, what a hilarious story.I can see you (in my mind’s eye of course) walking into the class, looking ‘oh-so drop-dead gorgeous’ and Mr. Chizuyika dropping his chalk. It would have been nicer if you’d put your pic on the blog wearing your nice clothes to give more flavor to the story. Why don’t you write a short story about the whole thing. Would be nice indeed.

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