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It’s been a while since I wrote something personal on here. Seriously, I’m beginning to think I should have a blog for personal stuff and one for development issues etc. But then again, that wouldn’t really work since writing about development stuff is as personal as it gets with me.

Anyways. The countdown. Is still on. And. I am…scared, sitting at the edge of my seat in anticipation, dreading it, thinking I still have so much to learn, ready to finish up cos I’m tired of all these quizzes, wondering what I’ll do next, can’t wait for the next adventure to begin, scared, hopeful, excited, apprehensive, happy, carefree, nonchalant…. gosh. It’s a mess of emotions. Seriously, is this what’s in store for me when PMS hits? Ok. backtrack. All in all, I’m still…[C’mon, you know which word to insert there!]…blessed.

And of course, I neglect to mention what the countdown is about. GRADUATION!!!!! I still can’t believe that this adventure is coming to a close. Really. It’s been a myriad of experiences and all in all its coming full circle. Well. Not totally. It would if I actually got a full-time job after graduation. I’m sitting here thinking about how my class ’09 must be really ‘special’ to be graduating right about when the heart of this global recession hits. But come to think of it…every graduating class I have been a part of seems to loom on the edge of disaster. Guess we just like to walk on the wild side of life. Seriously. Ok, here are some scenarios. Alsyd Academy. Class of 2001. They decide that the BECE is no longer going to be 12 ones but 10ones. Since you have less to study, you kind of have less of an excuse to mess up? = PRESSURE. Wesley Girls, class of 2004. Our SSSCE gets halted when we have one final paper to write because the papers were leaked. Here we are in school. Not sure if we should study, wanting to be done with high school…our future in limbo. WHY are we the guinea pig generation? Haven’t we ALREADY proved we will prevail in whatever situation you put us in? Anyways.

So about jobs. I am a really optimistic person. About a lot of things. And sometimes I don’t even take a hint and take a walk when all indications say I should. But this. I don’t know. I really have no inclination whatsoever about what is gonna happen. All I know is when it does, I’ll finally breathe. I keep thinking the phone is gonna ring, and some fantastic (PR, Marketing,NGO, Development-Based, Communications,Media) company is gonna call me up and offer me the job experience of a lifetime. Then I check BBC (and worse, CNN) and see how many people are getting laid off. And then you have what has to be the fave question of the season “So what are your plans after graduation?” At this point I have to laugh when I get asked that cos its a really simple answer: We’ll see. Okay, that’s wrapping everything up in two words.

Really, what I intend to do (inshallah) is work during the summer (that’s already set, thank God) and during that time, study for and take the GREs, work on a book project (it’s been a long time coming don’t you think?), do some research on job ops, and hopefully unwind from being a student for a while? After that, chais pas. It’s up for grabs so if you have a suggestion on great professional opportunities, pray tell. Ideally I’d be developing fund raising, grant making and event planning skills. Oh, and French skills. C’est triste, mais I can feel myself losing my French and I don’t want that to happen (It won’t happen, not if I have anything to say about it). So basically, yea, that’s my life and hopes in a nutshell. Of course, if I got a chance to see my fam that would be mighty swell. Dreams. Seems the season is full of ’em. (Quite an abrupt end huh? Bet you didn’t see that one coming lol. Neither did I.)


  1. These feelings and thoughts are perfectly normal. I felt exactly the same way when I was graduating from undergrad lol. Makes me laugh when I think about it now. Fast forward a few years, when I graduated from Grad school, I wasn’t even excited,wasn’t scared, didn’t really feel anything, it was just like whatever, coz then I knew exactly what was waiting for me, been there done that , wore the t-shirt LOl. Anyways, good luck :)

  2. Loved your blog,

    Anyway institutions are bound to hire new graduates every year, whether there is a recession or not. Otherwise they would loose out on a generation of the corporate ladder climbers. So have no fears, its just going to be a little bit tight.

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