Dear Diary,

I got you just today, and it must be a coincidence (or it’s just destiny) but I’ve got this issue that I just have to put down…umm, how should I say (write) this?

Okay, you know my favorite friend Shola right? Well, she left Ghana and she didn’t even tell me! I thought we were best friends!! Yea, I know what you’re gonna say; the essential thing is that that statement is past tense right? Sure, we kinda drifted apart during the final months of school, but c’mon, she could have at least dropped a hint! And what’s worse is the fact that she asked Adjo to tell me…She knows I totally detest Adjo! It’s really unbelievable. I guess I didn’t know her as much as I thought I did.

All the same, I can’t help feeling lonely (yea, me going all sentimental is weird, I know) and sad. We shared some of the greatest times together. Laughing Out Loud…like that time when we decided to experiment with our chop box food in school and ended up eating nkate boga with pepper sauce and kenkey…that was crazy! Hmm… I only wish that we did not keep quarrelling during the SSSCE period. And now. Now, she’s left for good and I’ll probably never see her again… Darn!

I guess I now understand what Ms. Ankrah used to say about not knowing the value of somebody or something until you lose it…had to learn it the hard way.

Oh my goodness… I was supposed to start dinner 30 mins ago! I have to scram. Adios.

Observation: Many of us young people take a lot of things for granted…it may be our lives, friends, family, opportunities, and a whole lot more. We rarely consider how valuable they are to us or how they help make life much easier. Waiting till we lose the important people or things in our lives is learning how valuable they are…the hard way.

*nkate boga-peanuts *kenkey- a Ghanaian food

*Adios-Spanish for goodbye. *mins-minutes

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