Dear Diary,

I was going through the family album a few hours ago and I realized that there ain’t nothing like family. It’s a fact I just have to admit. Family supersedes everything; even friends. Let me put it this way, your family could be your friends but your friends could never be family. At least not strictly in the sense of the word. Through good times and bad, your fam’s behind you 100 percent, giving you moral support, telling you to remain strong no matter what. And even though the support they give to you isn’t always obvious, it’s there.

However, there are a few people in the fam who don’t care about the wellbeing about the other members of the family. Hey, we’re all human you know. Some of them don’t wanna do nothing for themselves. Let’s call them gold diggers. They got that rich uncle so they feel like they don’t have to move a muscle. These guys give family a bad name. Believe me it’s true; I’m talking from personal experience here. I don’t let that get to me though. I keep it real with those trying their best to ensure the family remains strong and healthy. There’s nothing like the reaction you get from a relative you haven’t seen in ages. “Look how big you are now! You were this small and such a little devil”. I’m telling you, most of the stuff they say about you makes you wonder about yourself. It’s like traveling back in time to a place long lost yet ever present.

In some instances though, I feel like I’m on another planet. All I think is “What in heaven’s name are they saying! I don’t remember ever doing that! Oh well, I guess I really wouldn’t mind anything they say about what I used to do back in the day. However, I really do not need to be reminded about peeing in bed. Now that, I cannot stand. Lol.

Observation: Family is great to have. I don’t know if I could ever survive without my fam coz they always got ma back 200 percent. Friends do their best but not like family. Its wise to keep a perfect balance between them though coz quite frankly, sometimes fam just doesn’t understand! But hey, they still great.

ain’t- isn’t

fam- family

wanna- want to

Lol- Laugh out Loud

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