Dear Diary,

Friends. I’m sure just about everyone has friends but true friends are very rare. Yeah we all got the type of friends whom we can talk to about the latest songs, fashion and other related stuff. But how many of them show their face when you got a problem? How many of them bother to call you when you’re feeling too down? Well, that’s one class of friends.

The other set of friends are those who only come through when its time to chill. Ask them to help you with an errand or two and they busy themselves or ain’t feeling well. Invite them to a party and you can bet that they’ll show up with their latest designer clothes and ice. We all enjoy the company of the “boys boys” and “girls girls” but they are never really around when you need them. The closest they ever come to caring is by pretending. Like when they meet you someplace and go like, “charley I hear say u dey sick, abi u make better now?”. The best reply you can give em is “yeah, but with no thanks to you”.

True friends are always there when you need em and are ever willing to help you out, no strings attached. They’ll give you stuff you need without wanting anything in return. To them, your friendship is more than enough a reason for them to help you out.

Observation: True friends are like diamonds, they’re dear and rare. False friends on the other hand, are like stones, they’re scattered everywhere. A word to the wise……

*ice – jewelry

*boys boys, girls girls – friends you hang out with most of the time *

charley…….. – pidgin English phrase which really means “I heard you were sick, I hope you are better now”

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