Dear Diary,

Today started out bad, and went downhill from there. I literally woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Snoopy apparently decided sometime last night that my slippers were the best place to dump the remains of the hot dog I fed him. I trustingly slipped my feet into my cute Mickey Mouse twins… oh, eww! Utterly disgusting! I can hear the squish my feet made, right before the smell hit me.

As if my morning was not bad enough, Daddy decided to go and slip on Asante’s dumb old truck and twisted his ankle. Meaning, no tennis for Daddy this Saturday morning. Meaning, because Daddy has to stay at home, everyone else has too.

I would rather listen to a scratched Marylin Manson CD than stay home with a sick Daddy, any day! Not even the whole packet of ear plugs I practically stuffed into my ears could block out the constant moaning! Every one could tell he was exaggerating the pain a whole lot. His moaning set the usually good Tanika off… the last thing any one wants is a crying baby, who doesn’t want her Mr. Booboo. The racket made Mummy mad… I am so, so sure I could see steam escaping out of her ears!!!! She was really grouchy, having to look after a sick man, who deliberately did not want to get better. Asante sulked the whole time, complaining about not going to the park with his friends Fafa and Asamoah. Serves him right, I say… this was his entire fault, him and his dumb truck!

So here I am, bored senseless, whilst Mansa, Samira and Adjeley have a wonderful girls’ day out. Staring at my Usher Raymond poster is not even helping. He looks so free… great body! I’m sure he never had to stay home with a ‘sick’ dad.


Although we may not always want to, we should try to listen to our parents when they try to point something to us or otherwise. Sure, there’s the whole generation gap issue but instead of becoming rebellious and regarding everything our parents suggest or do as outmoded, it would be far more rewarding to remain open-minded. Sharing our thoughts with our parents would not only make us discover the similarities between the generations, but would also help develop a good relationship with our parents.

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