So Finally!

The movie we have all been waiting for : “Alicia in Africa, A Journey to the Motherland”

This movie is like other movies in so many ways…it delivers a message, and has an objective. But it is also soooo different from all the other movies in that it is the potential vector of change with regards to HIV/AIDS and medication access for the African continent. You want reality TV or some genuity? It doesn’t get any realer than this. The unique thing about this 45-minute movie is it is ABSOLUTELY FREE! You can watch it online, for no charge at all!!!! Plus, there are download options for people in the US and Canada. Here’s the movie trailer:

Even though I am aware of the stats concerning HIV/AIDS, I couldn’t help but shed my way through most of the real-life stories in this movie. And if that’s what you feel when you watch this movie, then embrace it, and after you’re done watching it, remember how you felt and pass it on “Start a Virus to Stop a Virus”

“Keep A Child Alive” is doing great things and its only been existence for a short while. Alicia Keys is also doing her part and so can you and I. Being generous doesn’t have to be about money. If you want to contribute to Keep A Child Alive’s cause of raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and Anti-Retro viral medicine PLEASE pass this on to friends, family, address book contacts…whoever!

If you’ve EVER had a moment in time when you felt helpless and wished that someone would just listen or come to your aid, then for the love of God and all that is dear to you, just take a couple of minutes to watch this and/or pass it on.

Go the the Alicia in Africa official film site:

I’ll see if I can get it on my blog at so you can check there too

You can also donate to Keep a Child Alive at

I hope you all benefit from this as much as I have and keep spreading love. Be the change you want to see. Thanks!

– Jemi

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