Wow. It’s been sooo long since I wrote anything on here and I’ve been slacking so bad. That’s not to say that nothing has been happening though. Nah, the earth still rotates. Okay, so I’m just gonna do a quick recap of a number of stuff that went on. Sometime in November we had the Toussaint…which is kind of like the fall break in the US…and I had a whole week to myself…only I decided to make it a working vacation since I came across this English tutoring job called Playaway. I worked as a “monitrice/animateur” for 8 days at the Playaway centre in Sommiere (a small town about 45mins from Montpellier) and it turned out to be the greatest working vacation I ever had (considering it was my first official one). Anyways, I got to work with a group of great people and connected with many of the french students who were there to learn English. Naturellement, j’ai appris un peu de francais moi-meme…mainly because I sat in on a couple of classes. If you’re in France and might be interested, check it out at www.play-away.fr .

Okay, so after that I got back to Montpellier and had to slip into the natural order of things…meaning school…Fortunately/Unfortunately the university students decided to embark on a strike to protest the educational reforms that the French President Sarkozy is trying to put into effect. I say fortunately because at the time, it was fascinating..la vrai vie francaise and what-nots….but a month and a couple of days after and the strike is still on! We’re expecting to go back to school this Monday December 17th, 2007…but we’ll have to wait and see…..

What else?????? Oh yea. I got an internship or a ‘stage’ at this great nation-wide real estate company here in Montpellier called CAPI (www.capifrance.co.uk) and I am definitely having a great time doing translations among other things. Not only do I get to see another aspect of french life (professional life that is), I also get to improve my vocabulary…particularly in real estate…and get to work with the most amazing people! So I’m definitely enjoying that bit as well.

Ooooh, I don’t know how many of you like Alicia Keys but you should alll try to listen to her new album ‘As I Am’. It’s just pure genius! She’s true talent, no one can dispute that. Look out for ‘Superwoman’, ‘Lesson Learned’, ‘Go Ahead’ – great sounds on that one! – ‘No One’, ‘Sure Looks Good to Me’, ‘Like You’ll Never See Me’ , ‘No One’….lol, just listen to the whole album.lol. Check it out at her official website www.aliciakeys.com . Another artiste with a new album and great songs is Keyshia Cole. Check out ‘Heaven Sent’ and ‘Just Like You’ on her album ‘Just Like You’. Okay enough recommendations for a day.lol.

I might have mentioned to some of you that I’ll be doing a special piece on French coffee…and I will. lol. Seriously though, in the meantime, stay away from French coffee if you’re used to Starbucks…its a little on the strong side. That said, Montpellier is all decked out for Christmas and the holidays and its looking all pretty!!! Already getting that festive feeling and I wish I could be in Ghana this Christmas but things are what they are. Hope everyone out there has a lovely holiday though, and I’ll do my best to keep you abreasted on happenings. Take care of yourselves and seasons greetings!

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