Helplessness. That’s what there is to feel.
To Know there is a time bomb being planted right at your doorstep and there’s nothing you can do about it.
What more can you do?

To know a gang of thieves is being let in under the guise of friends yet we just stand there and accept them is almost unbearable.

To know a glimmer of hope could potentially be extinguished in a mere second is more than heartbreaking.

But then again, I guess this is the price to pay for knowing.
For being aware.
Sometimes ignorance is a cloak that protects us from our sad realities.

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Jemila Abdulai is the creative director, editor and founder of the award-winning website A media and international development professional and economist by training, she combines her business, communications and project management expertise with her strong passion for Africa. Besides writing and reading, she enjoys travel, global cuisine, movies, and good design.

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