• Africa

    Photo Inspiration: Dance

    Dance. If there’s one thing many Africans are good at, it’s got to be that. We move to an unmistakable rhythm. It’s fascinating what the human body can do and I’m always keen to capture the moment and movement. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. But when it does, pure wonder! Young, old, modern, …

  • Poetry/Prose: Dirty Dancin’

    We danced. For months on end. The tango, the waltz, even salsa’d it up Amidst the swirling shadows, intoxicated by tune Daylight? T’was always the dark we craved Grinding against each other – wanting, denying, no sleeping tonight Heavy breaths in sync, bass tempo till light Staring. Breathing the other in.  Intimate, strange. Enveloped, conspiring; …