Culture Shock

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    Tunisia: Mapping Out Tunis & Finding My Place

    It’s been almost a month since I moved to Tunis, and many folks have been asking about my initial impressions. My response: Tunis and I are still learning each other. And really, that’s what it is. For whatever reason, Tunis is hard to decipher. Besides the obvious preference for pink/fuchsia in interior decor (don’t ask), …

  • Africa

    Tipakuna (Finally Home): GH Adaptation 101

    The very thought of having to adapt to the place one calls home is quite bizarre. But that’s exactly what I’m going through right now. Before heading back to Ghana I was both excited and apprehensive. Excited because I’d get to really spend time with family and friends and catch up after all these years. …

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    A Medley of Contradictions: Finding “My Place”

    For today’s post, I’d planned to recap my “hectic” travel experience from Accra to Abidjan and then to Dakar. But the ‘powers of inspiration’ have something else on their minds. So instead, we’re going to talk about finding one’s place in a new country, culture, situation and so on. Now, this is somewhat of a …